Company Structure

Production Team

The purpose of the Production Department is to ensure timely implementation of production plan and ensuring the optimization of manufacturing processes. Each stage of our production is carefully thought out and organized. With constant investment in modern machinery we are able to produce more than 3,000 plates per month while ensuring the highest quality of our products. To meet the high demands of our clients, we constantly work on developing new and improving existing products.

Purchasing Team

The purpose of the Purchasing Department is to contribute to the development of the company by managing relationships with its suppliers. This means in particular ensuring timely supply of raw materials and services, complying with quality specifications, at competitive prices.


QC Department

The obligation of QC department is to check raw material and complete product, determine and handle non-conforming product. Improve the awareness of quality in the whole company and promote the application&implementation of quality management methods.

R&D Department

R&D department consists of hardware and software group.The main task of R&D is to improve present products and develop new products to meet customers’ needs.

Sales Team

It consists of departments domestic and export sales. If you have any questions regarding the collaboration, product offerings or sales conditions, please call us. We are always at your disposal.