Assemble and Whiteboard use questions.

1. wires opposite
Wires should be direct line and be in position (2),but there is mistake in the picture to be (1);


2. Wires pins are in wrong position; there are two rows in each end of this wire; check if pin above to bottom?or only pin one row by mistake?


3. wires on wrong position, several pins not plug into;


4. wires are loosen

5. During installing the plastic corners, screws damage the wires, or loosen wires ;


6. Four pens not work, test USB connect well, especially ,make sure that ,wires are not broken;


7. If some parts have break or jumping when draw line, firstly, check if you can adjust the LED on the horizontal level by hand, if still, please contact us for test online;

8. Cannot calibrate, test the USB cable, or you can change a new USB cable for testing;


9. LED cannot light ,or mistake, check the LED cable or if LED is loosen or broken;   

10. Cannot write at all ,check the wires, 4 pieces of PCB boards are at right position and connected correctly; In the meantime, check if the device exists in your computer`s device manager; If not exist, means that four PCB boards are connected wrongly, or wires broken, or main board broken.