Talent perspective (What kind of people do we need?)

Treasure and train talentd people has become the most important task for the development of modernized enterprise.Tacteasy,based on the continuous development in the past two years and combine company’s long-term strategic planning,has initially formed unique corporate talent perspective.

Our talent perspective

  1. everyone is talent.everyone that Grows and develops together with company,tries best to creat high-value is the talent.
  2. The ability to”think” is more important than the ability to”act”
  3. Requires the ability to learn,never stop learning.
  4. Require innovative ability
  5. need to work hard,strong executive power is needed also.
  6. communication&coordination skills are needed along side with team honor.


Keep the talented

1. Emloyees grow together with company.

Pay close attention to core talent and value communication with employees. keep abreast of the requirements of employee’s career them to do caree planning and let them see the space and opportunity for development .Share with employees the success of an enterprise and let employees grow with enterprise together.

2. Robust C&B system

Salary is a expression of person value,we provide competitive c&b system that match core talent.

3. make humanity management system

In face of fierce market competition,the company system embodies the word”love”  on the premise of normal operation.We provide a relaxed working environment to employees so that they will maintain a comfortable mood,mobilize their ownenthusiasm for work.

4. Trainning

Provide trainning opportunities to staff initiatively and make staff to improve their ability via trainning.In this way they will gain more room for development.

5. Equity

Tacteasy does not just belong to current shareholders but belong to all the Tacteasy employees.Tacteasy commited resonable employee stock ownership and equity incentives.