After becamethe first one who developed dual users writing for the market in year 2011, our TACTEASY is followed up by others. A lot of competitors take this as their own advertising feature, attract customers by false two users writing. In factmost of their two users are only gesture recognitions such as: simple zoom in /zoom out, rotate or turn page etc, they take the two points as two users writing wrongly, but actually two points are different defined with two users writing.

In year 2012, because of two users writing is preferred by users, so that each company write “two users supported” in the specification of interactive whiteboard. Following by more requirements from markets, multi-point is necessary for company’s research direction.

1stMarch 2013, a special remarkable day-TACTEASY’S 10 points touch, 4 points writing products come out successfully.

After about 1 year’s hard work with research and development ability,TATEASY infrared interactive whiteboard (10 points touch, four points writing) adopts original special algorithm, realizes 10 points touch, and real four points writingat all direction ,the effect is wonderful, it absolutely solves the problems of lines stop, crossing etc during four users writing.

More important, considering from customers ‘favorite, in Windows7 ’s painting, besides 10 points touch ,TACTEASY’s multi-point touch products support 4 points users writing at the same time ,being fluent and smooth .

Not only in painting, but also in TACTEASY’s own professional software, it realizes fluent four points writing at coaxial direction; It writes so well under various writing ways: same &reverse direction, slow &fast speed, even English &Chinese different languages …

Characteristics of high stability make the communication more expressive and appeal for multi teaching and learning, real interactive is in TACTEASY.

We will accept the global reservation about 10 points touch, 4 points writing interactive whiteboard and touch frame, welcome test!

Touch and go, really free!

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