Project Description

The intelligent automatic hand washing machine provided Tacteasy can not only save the trouble of installing a faucet, but also increase the speed of students’ hand washing, without causing long queues. which will not cause long queues.
Temperature measuring hand-washing kiosk


We are receiving a lot of interest in our Digital Signage with Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. This display offers information displayer and or advertising opportunities plus an integrated auto dispensing hand sanitiser. We are receiving huge interest, demand and orders from many sectors including, education, healthcare, leisure, travel, commercial and retail.

Features A:Digital Signage
1.Android OS 6.01 system, Support website visiting;
2.Auto upload videos or photos from the software installed in the PC after connecting internet via wifi, even displays are in different places;
3.Support remote content update, upload, delete, support OSD, VOD, loop playback;
4.Support Split screen, Rolling text;
5.Support HD Video resolution: 1920×1080;
6.Support Calendar, Clock; 7. Support 3rd party APK installation;
8. Media files Supported: datob/ mpg/ divx(.avi)/ bmp/ jpgtf/ flash.

Features B: Auto Dispenser
1.Auto Dispense: Auto Dispense by Sensor, touch free to avoid cross infection;
2.Power Supply: AC adapter;
3.Auto Identify: Identify the disinfectant automatically, only work for the authorized one;(Optional)
4.Dispensing Life: The life of our dispenser is more than 650000 times; 5.Soap/Disinfectant Bottle
Pump: Standard pump for Liquid, Foam, and Gel is optional. Each drop is about 1ML for Gel; 0.4ML for Foam; 2ML for Liquid


21.5” inch hand sanitiser digital signage

Features C: Face recogonition
1.Support face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask
2.Using industrial-grade binocular wide dynamic camera, night infrared, LED dual fill light

Features D: Body temperature measurement
1.Support human body temperature detection, temperature display.
2.1 meter ultra-distant body temperature detection, 0.2℃ error.
3.Support and automatic alarm for abnormal body temperature, second-level detection speed, real-time export of attendance temperature measurement data.

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