Project Description

Ⅰ,The Pain Point of IFPD in Classroom
1. Because the surface of IFPD is glass, the product is usually equipped with a felt or plastic steel head. These two pens have less friction when writing on smooth glass, and their hand feel is very uncomfortable. They are far from being compared with chalk or whiteboard pens.

2. At present, the writing resolution of IFPD is low, and the written words are very unreal, which is far from the real handwriting of users. Even users can not believe that it is their own writing, and it is very ugly.

3. Because IFPD needs to play PPT, when playing PPT, it severely restricts the user’s writing area, often causing users to be unable to finish writing what they want on a page.

4. Because IFPD also takes on the function of computer display, users need to switch frequently between the display interface and the writing interface, resulting in tedious operation, dazzling students or audiences, resulting in inability to concentrate.

5. Because of the complex function and operation of the writing software of IFPD, unfamiliar users dare not write on IFPD at will. Even familiar users dare to write, there will be “looking for the toolbar to click”, rather than arbitrary operation

Ⅱ, Interconnected board Solves the Pain Point of IFPD
The Interconnected board perfectly solves the aforementioned pain points of IFPD. It can not only be a good helper for teachers, but also allow business users to use IFPD at will.

1. The surface of the Interconnected board is the surface of the ordinary whiteboard pen, which is also written with a water-based pen. Therefore, the user’s experience effect is entirely real and fully conforms to the user’s habits for many years.

2. First of all, the user writes on the Interconnected board, not on IFPD. At the same time, the hardware of the Interconnected board is upgraded, firmware is upgraded, which can distinguish 2mm pens. At the same time, every touch point has the size of the pen. The writing software is also upgraded specially. The font simulated by the writing software is real and WYSIWYG.

3. The Interconnected board does not need to play PPT, but IPFD plays PPT, so the Interconnected board has enough space for users to write, even if not enough, it can be erased; moreover, the action of erasing can be recorded, and the written handwriting before and after erasing can be recorded completely.

4. Even when IPFD broadcasts PPT, the Interconnected board can also be written. It does not affect the operation of IPFD at all. They run in parallel, do not interfere with each other, and complement each other.

5. The operation of the Interconnected board software is simple. As long as the user swipes the card or scan QR code and logs in, the pen can be written, and the eraser can be erased. It is totally equivalent to the operation of the ordinary whiteboard. The user does not need to consider the software at all. At the same time, the software records all the operations of IPFD and the Interconnected board in real time in the background

Ⅲ, the advantages of the Interconnected board
The Interconnected board not only perfectly solves the pain points of IFPD, but also has new advantages:

1. The Interconnected board can digitize the teaching content or conference content. It record user’s writing handwriting, and at the same time all operations of the IFPD (including the user’s voice) are recorded, furthermore can combine above two into one new video file, which completed the digitization.
Compared with other digital methods, the advantages of this method are: the video file which be formed is small, the hardware and software cost is cheap, especially because there is no camera, so the user will be very relax&natural.

2. The Interconnected board can also upload the class or meeting content to the tablet and mobile phone in real time, and the user can have class or conference remotely.

3. The digital content of the Interconnected board can be uploaded to the server as an educational resource. Students and other users can download it remotely afterwards.

Ⅳ, The special feature of Interconnected board in education
In education, the Interconnected board has a very important feature, which is to digitize and record all the teacher’s class content In the case that the teacher does not feel it. And these digital content will be a huge unexploited rich mine, with numerous business opportunities.

Ⅴ, The special point of the Interconnected board on the business
The Interconnected board has two different uses in business. The first one is similar to use in teaching with IPFD.
The second one – the Interconnected board adds the android system, no longer works with IPFD, and no longer links to the computer, so it can be used separately (similar to

a. As long as there is a network, conference participants can use the mobile phone or tablet or computer to attend the conference at any time.
b. The content of Interconnected board can be transmitted to the participants’ mobile phones or tablets and computers at any time.
c. Participants can mark the content of the meeting at any time on their mobile phones or tablets or computers.
d. After the meeting, the participants can take the contents of the meeting by scanning the QR code.

Ⅵ,The market prospects of the Interconnected board.
According to the results of our research and communication, the penetration rate of overseas educational interactive display devices is less than 30%, even lower in India and Southeast Asia, so the market prospect will explosive growth.
The market size of the commercial interactive tablet is 20 billion, the number of conference rooms in China is 20 million, and about 100 million in the world. With the continuous improvement of the performance of interactive products and the decline in prices, market demand is expected to break out.

1. According to Sigmaintell, Chinese manufacturers’ IFPD exports totaled 422,000 units in 2018, up 75% from the same period of last year. Major suppliers include KTC, HITEVISION and BOE (BOE). VT).

2. According to the disclosure of HITEVISION Technology (Stock Code 002955), HITEVISION Technology’s overseas shipments after deducting OEM for Promethean in 2017 and 2018 were 21,400 units and 37,600 units respectively, with growth rates of 75% and 76% respectively.
Similarly according to this report, it can be inferred that in 2017 and 2108, The OEM quantity of Promethean only in HITEVISION Technology had 38,600 units and 94,500 units , with a growth rate of 144.8%.

3. According to the financial disclosure of CVTE (Stock Code 002841), overseas sales in 2008 were 1.83 billion, a year-on-year increase of 35.89%. Since the report did not disclose IPFD sales, but based on its IPFD accounting for 37% of total sales, CVTE’ IPFD overseas sales should be 600 million Chinese yuan, and its sales volume is estimated at 100,000 units.

4. According to Futuresource statistics in 2016,Interactive flat panel displays (IFPDs) did well in the education and corporate markets last year, selling one million units in 2016, according to a recent report by market research firm Futuresource Consulting.

5.Please refer to
“Interactive flat panels (IFPDs) are now dominating the interactive display market in classrooms. Taking over from interactive whiteboards (IWBs), they accounted for a staggering 96% of sales into UK classrooms in Q2 2016. USA has recently surged ahead at 70% of sales; this is up from 14% just two years ago. Across the world there are now more IFPDs than IWBs sold.”

6. Please refer to Technavio’s research report.
“The interactive flat panels market size will grow at a CAGR of more than 39% by 2021. This report provides an analysis of the market by display type (plasma and LCD, UHD/4K, and HD), by specifications (50-60-inch, 60-70-inch, 70-80-inch, 80-90-inch, and 90-99-inch), by application (corporate sector and educational sector), and by geography (the Americas, APAC, and EMEA).”

Ⅶ, Financing needs
Expected financing of 15 million yuan, releasing 15% of equity

Ⅷ, Financing fund usage plan
The financing is mainly used in the following three aspects.
1. Research and development
R&D should expand the recruitment of personnel and enhance research and development capabilities. Based on the funds invested, we will make the following three-step plan.
a. By the end of 2019, the database and Internet talents will be the mainstay, and the basic Interconnected board system will be completed. It is planned to recruit 5 people and the annual cost is 1 million.
b. By the end of 2020, recruit electronic and Internet talents, and improve the Interconnected board in time according to customer feedback. It is planned to recruit 10 people and the annual cost is 2 million.
c. By the end of 2021, take the Interconnected board as the core, according to the development of interactive technology, form a product ladder for pre-research, research and development, and sales. Recruit the industry’s hotshots to form the core of technology.

2. Marketing
The most important thing now is marketing. In the early days of the Interconnected board’s break out, it is necessary to occupy the market and form market barriers and brand barriers to expand the market share. We expect to invest 5 million yuan in overseas markets each year.
Globally, we aim to build China and Italy as global headquarters. In Europe we are based in Italy and Spain. In Southeast Asia, we focus on Malaysia and Indonesia. In Africa, we are centered on Nigeria and South Africa. In the Americas, we are centered on Brazil and the United States.
a. Exhibition, participate in 3~5 exhibitions every year, Bett, Infocomm,Ise,Ces, etc. The budget for each exhibition is controlled within 400,000 Yuan.
b. Actively build a warehouse system in Italy to ensure the timeliness of European shipments.
c. Arrange two visits to customers every year. The budget is controlled at 300,000 Yuan.

3. China headquarters and factory construction
By 2022, will temporarily keep the operational factory. At the same time, according to the sales situation to make timely adjustment, adopt timely OEM production methods to reduce production costs.
The factory is calculated at 2000 square meters and costs 1.2 million yuan per year.
The workers are calculated according to 20 people, 5,000 yuan per person, and the annual cost is 1.2 million yuan per year.
Other miscellaneous fees are calculated at 500,000 yuan.

Ⅸ, The profit prospect of the Interconnected board
According to the above review, IPFD’s sales in the overseas education market will be at least 500,000 units in 2018, with an annual growth rate of not less than 30%. It is expected that 2020/2021/2022 will be 650,000/850,000/1.1 million units respectively, and business market will soon erupt, with our existing market and have the following forecasts.
(The software revenue and digital content revenue are not included the following profit calculations)

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