Project Description

LinkGo is a useful assistant in modern classrooms that uses a mobile equipment to control computers and realize functions such as remote control, document presentation, video teaching, live webcam, micro-course production, mobile booth, remote canvas, spotlight, and screen zoom. Linkgo make teaching process more in line with the natural state, more effective to improve students’ attention in class, improve classroom interaction and improve teaching quality. It is the best choice for modern classroom teaching, live courseware production, various theme reports, speeches, and daily meetings.

Design concept

Nowadays, all classrooms, whatever large, middle and primary schools, are equipped with projectors, electronic whiteboards or interactive all-in-ones. These devices have brought the convenience of teaching and greatly improved the quality of teaching to teachers. However, while the teachers enjoy the convenience and efficiency of these modern equipments for teaching, they still trapped themselves on the platform where is not different with traditional teaching. How can allow them to operate these equipments and allow teachers to walk off the podium and go in to students? In this context, the birth of LinkGo changed the traditional position of teachers in the classroom, allowing teachers to walk down the podium naturally and actively, and make the classroom more dynamic and vivid, more exciting!

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