Touch free

Interactive touch table for education

Touch technology

capacitive touch

Digital Solutions

The latest Android 11/ Windows 11 options

24/7 Support

eClass software


Ergonomic structure

Inside concave arc edge and edge rounding treatment, more closely fit the human body curve anti-collision, easy to use

Detachable touch table

Easy to operate, reduce packing space to save shipping cost

rich colors

Multiple color choices to meet diversity education

It’s not about services,
It’s about ‘table’!

4k UHD display makes the image sharper and more delicate, also colorful and natural. Realistic rendering of every detail close-up


Annual sales


Monthly production


Global distribution

The touch table has a huge boost for education itself

More and more early childhood education is full of intelligent equipment

Multi smooth touch capacitive screen

Even if there are drops of water and debris on the surface will not affect the sensitivity of the operation, accurate in the interactive table to achieve drag and drop, double click, zoom in and out and other multi-person operation

ECO protection

LED backlighting effectively reduces the energy consumption of the screen, and through the optimized circuit design to reduce the power consumption of the closed machine, to achieve high energy efficiency

Rich variety of shapes to meet the needs of different styles.

Support customization, for more details please

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