1.How does the Interactive Board Work?
The Interactive Board is very easy to use. If you can use a computer, you can use an Interactive Board. The touch-sensitive display connects to your computer and projector to show your computer image. You can control applications from the display with your finger, pointer, stylus or other non-transparent objects, write notes in true ink and save your work to use later. It may help you to think your interactive whiteboard as the way you use your mouse or keyboard.

2.Does the interactive whiteboard need an external power supply?
No. it is the environmentally products, just need a USB cable to connect with the computer

3.What will happen if you choose several pens at the same time from the tray?
No matter which pen you pick up, the color displayed will be the same as the one near to the bottom of the board.

4.Does the excel,PPT, Word or other software on the tacteasy board which had been marked can be saved?
Of course , a variety of content can be saved in the tacteasy Notebook.

5.How Does the digital interactive whiteboard control the computer?
Just like the computer mouse , you can control the tacteasy board directly by pen or finger.

6.What about the quality of the board? How to protect and maintain?
The interactive whiteboard is made of high strength materials, durable. To clean the board surface , you should use the dishcloth , and the cloth must be tweaked dry .Please do not install the whiteboard in the places of moisture or smog.

7. Why the presented color can not be shown properly sometimes?
When the background picture is not transparent with higher resolutions than that of screen, the background color will be covered.

8. Why the images on the interactive whiteboard are projected trapezoidal? How to calibrate?
1) When projector is not positioned even or level, imagoes projected on the interactive whiteboard will be trapeziform
2) Generally, you can calibrate your projector by remote control or adjust its position. Please refer to the manual followed your projector

9. What kind of projector is required for an interactive whiteboard ?
Any projector can meet the following three standards will be suitable for a interactive whiteboard
(1) Front Projection Projector
(2) It can support computer’s resolution
(3) At least 500 lumens, but it depends on your room space

10. Is it necessary to re-calibrate the interactive whiteboard after interactive software is re-installed ?

No need . All parameters set up last time have been saved.