1) Business meetings – Use office software or other software to show, just use fingers to control the PC application right from our product itself. Tacteasy new 4 touch product let work more efficient.

2) Presentations – No just present to the participants, also interact with them. Simply use the pen or finger to emphasize and highlight key words and substance. Incorporate comments and feedback. Save and distribute the collaborated presentation to all attendees. Tacteasy new 4 touch product let display into more deep communication. In case you need more Pedal Bin – LTC Office Supplies you can take a look at this website where you can find everything you need for a presentation.

3) School –Stand in front of our product and have complete control over the PC and its applications. It enables four students to start working on lesson activities simultaneously, using their fingers or pens. Teachers and students can truly collaborate, making lessons more magical and interesting. Advanced educational tool that help teachers grab student’s attention. It makes it easy to create effective, eye-catching teaching materials and it promotes active, visual-based teaching and learning. Tacteasy new 4 touch product let the education full of creative.

4) Family – Use big touch TV or computer to play the single-player or multiplayer gameswith your families or friends. Don’t need to be outside where is dangerous for children, easily to carry on the family parent-child activities at home. Let your life become more intelligent by your fingers follow one’s inclinations, more convenient and quick. Tacteasy new 4 touch product make life more better and beautiful.


Good compatibility with operating system, running smooth.
Four users work at the same time, infrared sensor technology, with finger touch directly for operation;
Strong anti-resistance to light, work directly under sunlight;
Multi-touch, intelligent gesture-recognition like:
moving writing on page by fingers,
zoom in or out the pictures;

Module design, simple combination, installation and parts exchange after sale actively;
Aluminum NANO surface, write by normal EXPO pen, both normal brush and even wet cloth can clear well;
The material is exquisite and non-toxic; adopt the aluminum honeycomb as the basal plate, flatter and more reliable. Make sure the longevity can reach 5 years;
USB works as direct power supply;
Update and data transfer;

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