I am always grateful to everything in my life after start to work. I am grateful to my families, they accompany me through these hard times until today. I am grateful to my colleagues too, it is them who make me feel warm like a family again.
Colleagues are peers, collaborators in our work. Friendship between colleagues is a lubricant that can bring comfort to our busy body and mind. The appreciation between colleagues is a catalyst that can have our spirit sublimated.
Of course sometimes contradictions happen in a team but if we all have a grateful hart. Our unique charm will be highlighted to a greater extent.
Here today I want to say thanks to my colleagues.
I want to say thanks to the Purchase department. They are always trying best to push the material suppliers to get ready materials asap so that our production team can start to produce asap and then get goods ready in time. I heard many times they quarreled with suppliers on the phone about the product delivery time. Due to their effort the following procedures can go smoothly.

I want to say thanks to the production team. They are always so strict with production and sending goods. They work day and night every time after order was placed with no complaint at all.
I want to say thanks to the QC team, they are strict with the product quality and tested the products again and again before say YES to production team. Due to their effort our products fail rate is less than 0.1% and we are confident to promise our customers we can send you new one for free once the products failed.
At last,I want to say thanks to my engineering team. They also work day and night to meet our technical requirement&customers’ technical requirement.
Thank you all my colleagues!!!