As the professional company focus on the field of education, our aim is to be the famous infrared interactive products supplier, provide the nice products, top-quality staff support and comprehensive after-sales to all of our clients. To become the best team, provide the best support to our clients
Napoleon has said that: Men are moved by only two levers: fear and self interest.We already keep the interested in our product, company, colleague and career. So now need a profound experience of fear to motivate ourselves. In one weekend of this beautiful spring, we have a deep experience.

In the high air( about 6m-7m), we need jump from one narrow plate to the other one, and the distance between middle is 1.5M. Stand at an altitude of 10m, leaping and fly 1.2m to catch the horizontal bar. We are so fear to standing at the top of the shaking pillar to jump, we cry, worry and fear. We jumped out, and open our eyes, just with 1 belief, WE CAN!

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