As we all know, currently touch screen is widely used in schools, but after in-depth school research, we found that when it promotes teaching, there are three disadvantages existing, which seriously hindered the promotion and practical application of the product, which led the teacher to only consider the touch screen as a simple display.

  • Because of the width and height of the touch screen itself are not match with the height of the user, open the file from one side of the touch screen and need go to the other side to close the file, or must need to bend over or tiptoe to write, very inconvenient.
  • The traditional teaching method is, teachers need to bring their laptop or usb flash, copy the prepared courseware to the touch screen in the classroom, or need to find their courseware on the school network, complicated operation and waste time.
  • Teachers stand in front of the touch monitor for long time to give lesson and write, the radiation and strong glare that make teachers very uncomfortable after one class.

In order to solve these problems that founds on daily life, Tacteasy developed elaborately a functional teaching interactive software-LinkGo.

LinkGo has a great breakthrough at this aspect, during the lesson, teaching use LinkGo, pad as the wireless remote control, wherever teacher stay in the classroom, can use the pad to remote control the computer, this can break the shackles of the podium, go to the students, and get close to the students to interact and interact with each other, truly achieve interactive teaching.

Through LinkGo small-big screen interact function teacher mode, teacher can control the computer or touch screen, achieve the function of grab the content of the PC, play the powerpoint and whiteboard, upload picture, quickly open the program on PC, switch windows, turn on/off PC, analog pad control computer and other functions.

Teacher only bring their own PAD on or after class, all courseware are saved in te PAD and can add or amend the content at anytime and anywhere. Directly open the file or video on the PAD, can transmit to the touch screen right away, can do annotation on double side.

In order to increase the interesting on the class, we have the function of board cast, transmit students’ status to the touch screen, will make students more active and join the class. Meanwhile, teacher could record the status of the board cast and send to students’ parent.