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High-performance chip

8 core CPU, faster operation.

Huge connectivity

Type-C, DP, HDMI out, etc port

Powerful infinity Whiteboard

Writing is smoother, Multiple tools, also can insert table directly.

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New upgrade

Realize the multidimensional interaction, rich but simple operation, the new teaching interaction system of professional electronic equipment; Through the finger touch operation, you control computers, such as writing, notation and selecting the print or save, multi-touch TV& PC All in One is one of the necessary equipment in modernization interaction.

Support 4 direction rotation, achieve 90°/180°/270°/360°.

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Interactive flat panel

  • Multi-software split-screen function
  • Vote, Frozen Screen, Lock Screen, etc. available
  • Free mirroring screen share software, 4 or 9 devices display at the same time
  • 55-110inch available, supporting customization according to your requirements
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