Trusted TACTEASY software

Trusted & reliable TACTEASY software

Trusted TACTEASY software

TERM software, EClass software, LinkGo software, IWBoard software, Multi-touch software

TERM software

  • Manage multiple devices

  • Tailored for IFP management

  • Manage devices anytime and anywhere

  • Messaging and alerts module to ensure safety

  • Firmware integration, robust device management solutions

EClass software

  • Gesture Recognition

  • Multi-users writing at the same time

  • Compatible with many devices

  • Support multiple files

  • Rich library of educational resources

LinkGo software

  • Interactive Teaching Software

  • Mobile Plate Control Touch Screen

  • Wireless Connection,Webcam-Live

  • Teacher Move Freely in Classroom

  • Paperless Test, Mobile Document Visualizer

A software which use mobile phone to control the computer, achieve remote control, document demonstration, video teaching, webcam live,micro-class producting, mobile document visulizer, remote painting board spotlight, screen zoom in and other functions. It’s an efficient helper to modern classroom.

IWBoard software

  • Switch between whiteboard and panel anytime

  • Recording the classroom

  • Cloud Object Storage Appliance

  • Anti-interference

  • Keep the teacher’s chalk writing habit

Widely Series Apps for education and business

Transform a classic classroom into an immersive and interactive collaborative. Access to inexhaustible resources promotes participation, advocacy and commitment.


Collaborating- Annotate on documents or whiteboard, record & save in multiple formats.


Sharing – Share Screen & stream up to 9 simultaneous devices in the room or remote.


Commiuncation- Any popular conferenece apps compatible to run properly


Remote learning- Google G-Suite & other distance study platform to keep students and teachers stay safe.

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